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Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Looking Backwards and Forwards

There is a new TV series coming out by, and starring Seth MacFarlane, the genius behind Family Guy, Ted and American Dad! It is called The Orville and is about a Star Trek kind of comedy.

And then there is the Fry & Laurie Reunited clip.

Stephen Fry - National Treasure
Hugh Laurie - Dr Gregory House

Going further back, I present to you, Mr Rogers: The Discussion and yes, it did speak to me!



Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Blackadder the Fifth? Me likey!

According to the British tabloid newspaper, The Mirror, the star of the Blackadder series, Rowan Atkinson, has hinted that season 5 might be in the offing.

Left to right: (back) Tim McInnerny: Stephen F...Image via Wikipedia
The amazingness that was Blackadder combined humour with history and real emotion. The final minutes of the final episode of season four still brings tears to the eyes of grown men (allegedly...)

Recognisable faces in the cast picture include Stephen Fry of QI and everything clever, Tony Robinson from Time Team and of course that nice young chap Hugh Laurie from that medical show you might have heard of, now what's it called? Home? Building? No, I remember - House...

George (Blackadder character)Image via Wikipedia

So a rather large 'huzzah' for bringing back the Blackadder series!! 

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